The Book That (Kind Of) Changed My Life
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Written by Irish author Eoin Colfer, the Artemis Fowl series consists of eight science fiction fantasy novels following a teenage criminal mastermind called Artemis Fowl. I started reading these books in Year 4 and it was the first novel I read and literally could not put down. It had complex words I had never come across before, but in context I knew exactly what they meant and reading became a great hobby!

Whenever I opened the book it took me into a different world, a different time and sometimes made me become a different person. I found myself thinking about the universe in the book even when it was closed. There is just something about reading a book, which takes you right into the moment of the story and enables you to live in a particular scene long after you have finished reading that page. Ever had this experience?

When people think of a book changing your life, the most common thing is to assume that the content has to literally change your perspective but some books like this actually changed ‘the role of books in my life.’What I mean by this is that after reading the series, reading became more than school homework or something I was exceptional at, it was about allowing myself to step outside the box and be taken on an adventure.

I challenge you to find a book that will do the same for you. No matter how small or what the book is about just let it be something that will take you out of your comfort zone and onto an extraordinary journey, who knows what you may find or where your imagination may end up?

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