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“Inspire your soul. Transform your body.”

The thought ‘CBB’often came to mind when I thought of entertaining any form of cardio vascular workout. I am that person who yells ‘Oh please!’at the TV screen when I see some prancing Barbie (who was clearly paid)running across the beach with her toned legs, toned buttocks, toned biceps and toned stomach trying to convince me on how ‘AMAZING’ she feels and the fact that she’s lost ’10 pounds’and ’10 inches’in ’21 days’. Oprah’s Next Chapter on TLC, now please!

Oh how the tables turned when my Aunty bestowed upon me ‘The Body Gospel Workout!’…my life has never been the same. If you really need faith in fitness girls, this is it!

So it all began at 6:30am on a Monday morning, I thought ‘what the hey, I’ll give it a try’, 30 minutes later I felt so rejuvenated, refreshed, revitalised, renewed, restored, revived, ALIVE! Okay, I’m definitely exaggerating, I felt like death warmed up! However, after surviving week one, by week two (maybe three) I felt empowered enough to take on the world!

Body Gospel is a 30-day workout program including seven workouts that incorporate cardio, flexibility, strength and interval training. Did I forget to mention the mental benefits? An increase in your faith, a decrease in your pessimistic outlook towards exercise…and double the amount of self-satisfaction as you aim towards a healthy, happier you!

Donna Joyner Richardson couldn’t have made fitness look any more enjoyable, and if you love gospel music like I do, you’ll definitely be captivated by the sweet-sounding choir.

In the infamous words of Donna ‘It’s a Party With a Purpose!’

Up for giving it a go? Order here – *Click*

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