The Best Summer Collection Ever: Bringing Jamaica To England
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 A collection that brings the sun to Summer!

Shara speaks:

The Shara ‘Coming to England’ collection is all about colour vibrancy and fun. The genesis of this collection comes from the ‘Wind rush’ era when the first wave of Caribbean immigrants came to England in the 1940’s. I visited an exhibition in Essex where paraphernalia, photographs, footage and biographies were on display. I was very inspired by the beautifully tailored jackets, suits and shirts that wore upon arrival they were so dapperly dressed!

Another point of inspiration was the Notting hill carnival. After Caribbean immigrants arrived in England they were not very welcomed, which sparked riots and outrage. The carnival originally known as ‘Mas’began as a way of promoting cultural diversity and unity in 1959. The carnival costumes are bright, full of flare, colour and movement which is what I wanted to showcase in the collection.

By meshing these two inspirations I wanted to refer to some of the silhouettes from the 1940’s and 50’s by doing shirts and jackets, and mix it by having fluid fabrics, a bright colour palette, and large abstract prints.

This collection is for the woman who has fun, loves to wear colour and add flare to her wardrobe. She is unapologetically who she is and enjoys life to the fullest.












Twitter: @shara_designer

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