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Join Skool Girl’s Editor Tee Cee and YouTuber Amelia Mandeville in an interview for a new Skool Girl TV series called ‘Author’s Corner’ a chance for you to get to know more about the author behind the book.

Amelia recently released her debut fiction book ‘Every Colour of You‘ and talks about her earliest writing memories, favourite authors from her teens and gives advice for aspiring authors.


What’s your earliest memory of writing?
I would say my earliest memory of writing was when my Mum used to have a shop and she had an iPad and I would sit there on her iPad and start writing a story and iPad and then in the evenings I would write on her iPad and this was before I had my own laptop and my own tablet or anything, then I started wrting on tablet when I got my own and then eventually I progressed to a laptop.

When did you realise your desire to become an author?
I realised I wanted to become an Author when I had written my first book and I was like ‘well now I want this to be published.’ I didn’t really write to be an Author, I used to want to write screenplays before I wrote books, I just always enjoyed writing and I just want someone else to enjoy my stories as much as I do.

What are your top three book quotes of all time?
So I don’t think I can think of three quotes off the top of my head but what would your favourite quotes from books be?

I was going to choose my own quotes from my book, but i think that’s cheating.


“I used to want to write screenplays before I wrote books, I just always enjoyed writing and I just want someone else to enjoy my stories as much as I do.”


Who were some of your favourite authors from your teens and why?
My favourite authors are still some of my favourite authors now. I really like the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, I thought that was really cool. I really like Rainbow Rowell, I think she has beautiful writing and I think she is a voice for teenagers.

From personal experience, where are the best places, people or things to find writing inspiration?
Always listen to music. It might not work for you, but for me always listening to music helps me get in the emotions, it helps me think of what the lyrics are saying, how the characters might be feeling. I would say, have a special time to yourself, get in the zone, maybe go for some walks or drives to get your headspace cause when there’s so many people around you it’s hard to get into that zone and if music works for you then create some little playlists.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
My advice for aspiring authors is to be very vocal about it because encouragement from people and advice and stuff is what you need to spur you on (only if you comfortable about that). I think if I didn’t have people going ‘How is your writing going?’ I probably would have given up because it is hard and it is hard to know if your writing is good and it is hard to know if it’s just like a silly hobby but at the end of the day if you’re passionate about it and it makes you happy then you should do it and please don’t, don’t, don’t give up.


 ’Every Colour of You’ by Amelia Mandeville out NOW!


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