Aunty Esha: I can’t be myself around certain people
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Question: I have always been an extroverted, bubbly and outgoing person. But lately I feel as if I cannot  be myself around certain people, because my personality type doesn’t match theirs. I know that I should be myself whether people like it or not but it is difficult at times. What should I do about this?Tisha, 17 from Birmingham

Dear Tisha,

Who are these ‘certain people’ and why is their opinion so important? How many of them are there? Possibly only a handful, in a sea of people that actually do like you.

Sometimes people don’t like you while at the same time they are wishing that they could have the bubbly extroverted personality that you have and would love to be in your shoes. Tisha, on your journey in life, you will always come across people who for some reason or another won’t like you. Sometimes they won’t like you for absolutely no apparent reason at all. It’s impossible for every single person on the planet to like you and in life you can’t avoid this.

However, when you come across ‘certain people’ you don’t have to let them dictate to you who you are. You define who you are. As long as you’re happy and you know that you’re not doing anything to offend anyone, my advice to you is to just continue being the best you that you can be.

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