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Your phone just upgraded to another level of spontaneous with these apps!

Launched in 2009, zkipster is the first app of its kind to offer secure, real-time guest list management!

How does it work?
zkipster integrates pictures into electronic guest list management – matching guest names with pictures to help event organisers minimise gate crashing. Who has time for pranksters on the red carpet? Just ask the Cannes Film Festival what that was like!

Who uses it?
A large number of UK companies and corporate event organisers have started using the app to elevate their guest check-in at VIP events. UK clients include Sotheby’s, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hugo Boss, Cancer Research UK, Red Bull and VistaJet.

What are the benefits for you?
AnnMari Shannahan, amfAR’s Vice President of Public Information (zkipster’s global client) says:

  • It creates another level of security that is paramount to the overall success and integrity of your events.
  • It adds another level of comfort for anyone on your team who is entrusted to check-in and work with guests because zFace further helps reinforce the identity of your guests to staff at every level.
  • Your guests feel like you have gone the extra step to ensure you value their support.

More persuasion?
Since launching, more than 2 million guests in 60 countries have checked in with zkipster, representing a total of over 2 million event check-ins globally.

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ifussss is the home of short form video created on your phones. Create, upload, share, sell or simply store your videos on ifussss app. All your clips are automatically geo tagged and time stamped.

How does it work?
As soon as you upload, you can watch your videos get broadcasted instantly on the in App local video channel with everyone else in your area, and in the breaking video feed with everyone else in the world.

Who uses it?
Everyone can browse videos, and you can allow people to download, distribute and even buy your videos. The media use ifussss to search for content and breaking stories, it’s especially ideal for for reporters, activists or users in places of conflict.

What are the benefits for you?

  • For all content bought you get paid 50% instantly.
  • You can watch and contribute to what’s happening and what’s cool in your area.
  • ifussss provides a fast and simple way for you to get paid for any video clips you take on your phone.
  • Media can contact you for new content and pay rewards.
  • All your clips are automatically geo tagged and time stamped.
  • Media and Brands have a single destination platform and service designed to source video clips from public or own communities to download and distribute.
  • Crowd source verifiable geo and time tagged rights cleared video content without tears.- no mail boxes of video attachments, complicated unloaders or third party social platforms. All in real time.
  • An end to no follow up story or supporting narrative hassles. Ifussss can provide direct and immediate contact with app users to manage and talk to.

More persuasion?
Did I mention it gets you paid?

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