90’s Technology And Their 2000 Plus Equivalents
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20 plus years ago technology was not as we know it today.

For starters you could only dream of having the convenience of an online memory storage system like Dropbox, instead you had hundreds of floppy disks piled in boxes – good luck to you if you’d forgotten which disk you saved your favourite photo on!

Although evolving tech has now made our lives a WHOLE LOT MOREconvenient, sometimes we can take it for granted, until we remember that once upon  a time mobile phone’s didn’t even have cameras. 

WARNING:You are definitely bound to feel nostalgic reading this or  you’ll just laugh!

1. Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk - WR

Yep this was your memory stick or hard drive for storing all of your data – Although, it looks more like a table coaster.

Today’s equivalent: Dropbox

2. Tamagotchi
Tamagotchi - WR

This is a super cute handheld digital pet which has to be looked after and responded to by you the ‘owner’ as if you were a pet.

Today’s equivalent:Egg Baby (plus various other virtual pet apps)

3. Pokemon Video Games
Pokemon - WR
If you’re really a 90’s baby you should definitely remember all things PII-KA-CHUUU and beyond. Pokemon is a Japanese brand made up of a series of fictional characters which appeared across video games, film and its own animation show (remember rushing home for CITV at 4pm?).

Today’s equivalent: We actually don’t know, Pokemon is actually one of a kind.

4. Disposable camera
Kodak - WR
For its time, this was the simplest way to capture the moments that mattered. It’s a box camera which could only be used once, it had a flash and film where your pictures were stored. Once the film was finished, you took it out the camera to get the photos printed and a photo printing shop…Long right? Especially in comparison to how we snap and upload instantly today.

Today’s equivalent: Who needs a disposable camera when you have a smart phone?

5. Super Nintendo
super nintendo - WR
The home video game that everyone in the house hold actually knew how to work!

Today’s equivalent:Wii

6. Gameboy Advance
Gameboy advance - WR

This handheld video game console was the best thing since sliced bread for its time. Even Kim Possible got in on the action (Disney fans from 2002 – 2007 will get this)

Today’s equivalent:Nintendo 3DS

7. AOL Instant Messenger
Aye – don’t laugh! For its time it was the best way to communicate with your friends, family and work friends online.

Today’s equivalent: WhatsApp (plus the endless list of other social media)

8. VHS Tapes
VHS Tapes - WR
Hands up if you still have all of your Disney films on VHS tape? *High five* Yep you da baddest. You can’t beat opening the tape case and popping your favourite animation into the video player, but then you might have to rewind and watch all the grey fuzz across your TV screen.

Today’s equivalent:Netflix

9. CDs
It was all about buying your latest music from HMV and building up the biggest CD collection that your shelf could be proud of.

Today’s equivalent:Spotify

10. Mobile Phones with Antennas
Mobiles with atennas - WR
Selfie cam? Pssht. No such thing on this phone. You’ll be lucky if you find snake (90’s baby’s will know what we’re talking about).

Today’s equivalent:Any smart phone going.

11. Walkman / CD player
Walkman - WR
There was actually a time where people laughed at the idea of people listening to music with head phones on…Until the Walkman came along and changed the listening habits of music lovers forever.

Today’s equivalent: iPod

12. Cassette
Cassette - WR

This was the ultimate music playback device of the 90’s. They are used for recording audio and then playing it back on a CD or cassette player.

Today’s equivalent:I’d love to meet the person that still records music…Who needs an equivalent when we have YouTube.

13. Pagers
Pager - WR

The bleepy device you always see being whipped out in the 90’s American films and sitcoms, that’s the pager which lets you know someone is trying to contact you or if you have received a text message.

Today’s equivalent:I guess your smart phone is your pager too.

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