90′s Slang 101
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90's slang 101 - Cover
Zee speaking
...Gather round gather, Skool is in session!

Are you bored of the current lingo…Wanna take it back to the 90s? Or are you still trying to understand what on earth they were even saying 20 years ago?

Well this is for you…But remember with great power comes great responsibility (this make sense later)

The 90′s saw some of the slickest colloquial phrases, some of which have been resurrected in 2016 as ‘new’. Here are some of our favourite’s – lets see if there are any you  can recognise…


Section 1 - Words you call people
C&W 2

Boo - Someone who you have affection for – Listen to DJ Ghost Town – My Boo

Brother - Used to reference a male. E.g. ‘You see that Brother over there with the braids?’

Homie - A male friend. E.g.‘Me and Zee go way back… thats  my homie right there.’
Shawty - A female friend. E.g. ‘You know what Tee is really cool… that is my shawty right there.’
Sister- Used to reference a female. E.g. ‘Yeah, that sister sits at the back of my Sociology class.’
Wifey - This is a term that may still be circulating today it does not literally mean a female spouse, it is typically used for a female that you have  a serious relationship with. E.g. ‘Aye stop playing that’s my Wifey!’

Section 2 – Words used primarily for endearment and are mos def positive!
All right - Someone or something that you feel comfortable supporting and recommending to other people. E.g.Mr Jones is not like those other teachers, hes all right by me.’
Dope - Imagine cool but just cooler. E.g. ‘That jacket is DOPE!’
Fresh - Basically  dope + cool = fresh. E.g. ‘Where you get them kicks? They are fresh!’
O.G – This acronym stands for Orignal Gangster and often refers to elders and pioneers. E.g. ‘Say what you want about Laurence Fishburnce but that brother is an OG if I ever saw one.’
Nice - Funnily enough nice meant the same thing it did 20 years ago, it was just used to describe more things. E.g. ‘Did you see that brother’s jump shot? Its nice.’
Slammin’ - A way to describe a curvaceous figure. E.g. ‘Her body is SLAMMIN’!’

Section 3 – Remember earlier when I spoke about ‘great responsibility’, here are the best 90′s insults… please use them wisely
C & W
Boojie – Shortened version of the word bourgeois, this word is used to describe people that are acting stuck up or like their poo don’t stink. E.g.‘That girl is so boojie, she didn’t even say hello, I dont know why she is acting so damn brand new.’
Freakin - A PG friendly curse word. E.g. ‘Are you freakin kidding me?!’
Scrub – Typical men that do not have a lot of positive things going for them – Listen to TLC – Scrubs 

Trip – When somebody is acting very silly. E.g. ‘That fool is a trip’

Talk to the hand - Not exactly telling someone to shut up but you are letting them know you are sure as hell not listening any more.
Wack - A synonym for rubbish. E.g. ‘I dont know how to tell you this but them lyrics you just rapped, were kinda wack.’
Section 4 – Behaviours that only occurred during the 90s
Bounce – Announcing you will be leaving. E.g. ‘This party is wack, ima bounce’
Hit me up – Instructing someone to hit you up and don’t forget this was done via pagers in the 90s. E.g. A: ‘What time you wanna hoop tomorrow?’ B: ‘Not sure, I might have work.’ A: ‘Aite, hit me up when you know.’
Knocking the boots- An act of love - Listen to H-Town- Knocking the Boots
Throw down - An invitation to settle differences via fighting. E.g. ‘Excuse me, do we have a problem, because I have no problem throwing down.’
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