7 Tips For Healthier Skin This Winter
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Winter Skin

Dry skin, chapped lips, cracked feet, ashy hands…yep winter is truly upon us! Try not to panic though; we can help you get your gorgeous glow back if you follow some of our tips for healthier, happier skin this winter!


Moisturise With Oil

Coconut oil

Leave the lotion alone! Oil based moisturisers are your lifesaver for winter and help protect your skin from moisture loss. By the way, we heard from the grape vine that Coconut and jojoba oil are wonderful for the skin! To get results, apply moisturiser within 15 minutes of showering and at night before you hit the Z.

Resist Lip Licking


Just. One. More. Time. We know the temptation of the lip-lick, especially when your lips are chapped to the MAX and on the edge of shedding blood – too much. Let lip balm or Vaseline be your best friend this Winter!

Treat Your Feet


Dude, cracked heels are scary! Give your feet the EXTRA attention they need this winter by deep conditioning them with a thick and rich moisturiser, then another layer of coconut oil. For bedtime, you may want to cover them with cotton socks and in the morning your feet will feel softer and healthier than ever.

Drink Lots & Lots Of Water

Drink Water

Sometimes the act of physically remembering to pour a glass of water eight times a day can feel like a part-time job. So we suggest that keeping a litre bottle of water handy should do the trick just fine! Yes, water can be incredibly boring in taste, buuuuut it’s good for you. Drinking lots of water helps to keep your skin hydrated during Winter, an alternative for extreme water haters are Herbal teas such as mint and ginger which are just as effective. Before you know it, your skin will be dazzling with a healthy glow, so drink up girlies…after all we wouldn’t want your skin to die of thirst!

Wave Bye Bye To Hot Showers

Shower Scrub

WHAT? Yes you read. We know, there’s nothing more revitalising than a fresh, steaming hot shower or bath after a painfully cold winter day. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but hot water wreaks havoc on your skin. We are not saying stop, but minimise or better yet compromise by keeping the water lukewarm for a longer soak.

Invest In Quality Gloves


One of the most simple remedies, yet it works! Why expose em, when you can glove em to keep them nice, dry, and warm?



Summer maybe over but don’t wave goodbye to your sunscreen too quickly. Applying sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or more to your skin during winter helps to protect it from elements. Alternatively, you can also combine it with a moisturiser.


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