6 Signs Of Peer Pressure
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Peer Pressure
In our teen years peer pressure is one of the most common reasons why we can have a huge identity crisis from what we wear to deciding who it is we really want to be. Statistics tell us, 30% of teens are offered drugs during secondary school, 74.3% of students have tried alcohol in school, 3.1 million teenagers smoke and 50% of teenagers feel pressured into sex.

Everyone has had an experience of ‘trying to fit in’, although some people can be subconsciously unaware of this. Here are some signs that may mean you are experiencing peer pressure…

Changing your dress sense
What’s wrong with what you had on before…is it something they said? Just because your peers love it, does it make sense to feel totally uncomfortable in what you’re wearing?

Speaking differently
Sometimes how we speak can sound uncool to others. In some cases, hanging around with certain people makes you develop new speaking habits – this is completely normal. But just make sure this happens naturally, don’t force it!

Lowering or increasing your academic ability
Lowering your capabilities for others is lame, please don’t do that! Increasing your ability isn’t a bad thing until you put immense pressure on yourself to do so. Everyone’s level of ability is different, remember just because your peers are good at Science doesn’t mean you can’t find your strength in another area.

Change in attitude
Whoever says that kindness doesn’t get you anywhere…lies you tell! You don’t have to be rude or intimidating to gain people’s respect and certainly not to impress your peers.

Changing your body image
Some people can be pressured into losing or gaining weight, (unless it generally concerns your health in cases of anorexia, bulimia or obesity), if you are happy with the way you look then you don’t need to change just to please others.

Doing things you wouldn’t usually do
This can include involvement in the most spontaneous activities to the more extreme such as smoking, use of drugs and alcohol, self-harm, sexual activity, joy riding and the list goes on. Our advice, if it doesn’t feel right take three steps back and jet!

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