5 Ways To Add Extreme Colour Pop To Your Natural Hair
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NaturallyTash CR
Naturally Tash is the Founder of irockmynatural.com, a dedication to all the sisters not afraid to say loud and proud that “I Rock My Natural.

It was only right for Skool Girl to call on the “Queen of Temporary Colours and Hair Shadowing” to give you all tips on how to COLOUR POP your hair with a statement to make em’ stare.

Tash speaks…

Hello Skool Girls!

I acquired my name as the “Queen of Temporary Colours and Hair Shadowing”four years ago when I decided to go fully natural. I had killed my curl pattern by constantly flat ironing and using box dyes to dye my hair. I longed for my curls to return so I gave up using dyes and heat. I then started my transition.

As my hair was transitioning, I looked for temporary ways to colour my hair that wouldn’t cause any kind of damage. This led me to first start experimenting with hair chalk. I loved how hair chalk could give me bold colours and then wash right out. Next it led me to experiment with using powder eye shadow to do the same thing as hair chalk.

Purple Hair Tash FR

When I discovered that worked the same way there was no stopping me! I then graduated to using cream eye shadows in my hair and after doing any and every colour you could almost think of I was given the name I am known for today. After using almost every colour combo I could come up with I then went on to trying temporary colour sprays, temp colour mousses, and splat washables all of which are very temporary and will all wash out.

I have also come up with a method I have named Deep Conditioning Colour where you can mix a temporary colour dye into your conditioner to colour you hair. This method will last you at least two months but will eventually wash completely out. I love to colour my hair but not over my hair’s health.

Health is the most important to me. Even though all of the methods I use to colour my hair are temporary I still make sure to always-deep condition after any time I have any colour in my hair.

So here are five safe ways to colour your hair SG’s…

Hair Chalk
This is a very quick and easy way to add a pop of colour. It washes out with one shampoo and does zero damage to your hair. It will last you no more than three days.

Hair Shadowing
This uses cream or powder eye shadow to give yourself temporary hair colour. You just dip some out, rub between your fingers and rub down the length of your hair. It works the same as hair chalk would but cream eye shadow will last longer. This also will wash out on the first shampoo and the colour can last you three-five days.

NaturallyTash CR 2

Temporary Colour Sprays
These sprays can give you a pop of colour in seconds. Some complain that it may make your hair crunchy but the trick is to apply a pomade to your hair after applying. This will soften the hair and lock in the colour. This colour will also wash out on the first shampoo and will last you three-four days.

Splat Washables, Liquid Hair Chalk, and Temporary Colour Mousses
Splat washables and liquid hair chalk will colour your hair temporarily and will last two – three shampoos depending on your hair’s health. Temporary Colour Mousses will last one shampoo and it will work on your hair much like a regular mousse would.

NaturallyTash CR 3

Deep Conditioning Colour
This is the process of mixing a temporary colour dye with a light colour based conditioner and then applying to your hair and letting it sit to obtain colour. My hair colour is light brown so I have obtained many bright colours like purple, pink, and red with this method. If your hair is naturally dark this method with not give you a bright colour unless you pre lighten your hair.

You can find Naturally Tash on:
Website: www.irockmynatural.com
Facebook: Naturalllytash and IROckmynatural 
Instagram: @Naturallytash 
Youtube: www.youtube.com/TashNaturally

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