5 Things I’m Lovin’ Right Now
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When it comes to my own personal ‘Skool Style’ it changes like the wind, depending on what mood I’m in. The only thing that commonly remains the same is the art of colour.

As for trends, who has time to keep up really? As for ‘getting the look’, I did and it’s called ‘individuality’. I just thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite style staples this season. Be inspired…well if you want to be.


Pink! Pink! Pink!

Pink Web ready
Why? My new found love for pink this season began when my Mom brought me a pink and blue suitcase to go away for Amsterdam. Like a bit of an OCD freakazoid I was adamant to match all my clothes, shoes, accessories and any other travel belongings with my suitcase, so I picked the colour pink as my main theme…and I guess I haven’t looked back since. You’ve got to admit though, it’sa beautiful colour to rock during the Summer!


Pastels 4 Web ready
Why? I love pastels, they’re bold but not bold, edgy but not edgy, they also give off that ‘girl you are too cute’ vibe, almost like an innocent Skool girl look, if you know what I mean? I have also found that once you put one pastel colour with another it automatically just seems to work making it so much more innovative when putting my outfits together.

Blue Lipstick

Blue Lippy web ready
Why? For anyone who knows me (and I mean well), you’ll know that I am always spontaneous and daring when it comes to colour, the brighter the better. I have always wanted to try wearing different coloured lipsticks, and since practically every, living girl on the high street plays it safe with pink, I decided to go against the grain with orange, blue and purple,  but blue is definitely one of my favourites, it has the 3 p’s…it pops, it’s puissant and prettyful!

Jelly Sandals

Jelly sandals web ready
Why? Jellies will always be a 90’s retro staple, in my opinion they’re a timeless dime speak which can make any foot look incredibly adorable whether worn with bare feet, socks or tights. They also remind me of my childhood, which saw me through plenty of them…oh how I love those memories so!

My Legs

Legs 2 Web ready
Why?  No I am not being vein or full of myself. I’ll let you into a little secret shall I? During my earlier teens I was always aware that I had long legs, I used to think it was a pain because I wanted to be short like everybody else, but then I noticed that all the other girls used to wish they had my legs, however at the time I couldn’t possibly understand why? But now I know why and I am grateful to Jesus for blessing me with these fine, elegant legs that have the power to look dazzling in my skater dresses and shorts.

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