5 Steps To Help You Realise Your Potential
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5 Steps To Realise Your Potential CR
Skool Girl Online called Gido Schimanski for this one…

Gido Schminaski is an international teacher and coach based in London, best known for his unique style of trance coaching. Gido has helped clients overcome issues in all areas including health, career and relationships…And now he’s stopped by to share a word of wisdom for you on how to recognise your potential.

Gido speaks…

Society today is so driven by a success that equals money and fame that it often forgets what real success should really mean: Happiness! Does what you do make you happy? Does it come from a place in your heart that makes you want to get up in the morning to start all over again?

These 5 steps will get you closer to your dream, no matter where you are right now and what you have to do. If you enjoy school, college, Uni, your job or not for instance, living your day by these golden rules will help you realise more of your potential and take charge of your life!

Be kind to yourself and choose words that support you. Bringing yourself down and talking negatively about yourself is never going to bring you forward. Your cells are listening. Choose the words wisely you speak about yourself and others. Imagine every word being a powerful creator – that is how you want to speak! Lifting others up will always lift you up too and connect you with your qualities. Only weak people have to bring others down to feel strong.

Let go. Forgive yourself and others! Nothing will set you free more than letting go of the things that have hurt you. Not to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Set yourself free, let go and forgive. Move on with your focus in the present, not the past.

Be grateful
There is a gift in every situation – a silver lining in every cloud. Happy successful people will always see the glass half-full. Actively look for the positive in things and new opportunities will show up in abundance.

Be still
Find time to meditate and reconnect with yourself and with your source energy. A minimum of 15 minutes a day of simply sitting still and connecting with your breath will allow you to quiet down the chatter in your brain and let inspiration in. People that are in touch with their potential are always in touch with themselves.

Take action
If you are following the first four steps chances are that ideas and inspirations are coming in more and more. Now it is time to act! Don’t hesitate and don’t question yourself. Make mistakes!!! Learn and grow. There is no such thing as failure – only learning. Successful people do not wait until the situation is perfect. They know it’s not perfect yet and do it anyway!

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