5 Natural Steps To Sweet Dreams
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Tired up Isn’t it just a pain in the eye when you can’t sleep? I mean, seriously it’s impossible to get those exceptional Skool grades if were practically yawning ourselves through the day. Here are five ways to help you catch the real zzz’s you deserve…


1. Curl Those Toes

Feet Web ready

Like with most things in life, even our body needs prepping before a good night’s kip. ‘Curl your toes tightly for a count of seven, and then relax.’ says Catherine Darley, ND, Director of the Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine in Seattle. ‘Repeat through each muscle group, working up from your toes to your neck.’

2. Cool Down

Bed socks

I mean come on, does anybody like to sleep in completely freezing or overheated conditions? The temperature of your room can make a huge difference in how you sleep, if it’s cold we suggest you put on warm pj’s with a pair of bed socks, you know what they say warm feet equal happy feet! If it’s hot, lay off the amount of blankets you use to cover up with, oh and a pair of breathable cotton pj’s just might do the trick too.

3. Write It Out

Write It Out

For many of us as soon as it’s night time our brain begins buzzing about a plethora of things from new idea’s, problems and things you know can’t possibly be solved at one o’clock in the morning (been there, done it!) So, a simple solution to this girls, is to write it out. Journaling your general thoughts and feelings of the day is not only a useful way to reflect but it’s a great way to express yourself, clarify your thoughts, reduce stress, resolve misunderstandings, solve problems and can even help you get to know yourself better. Really, you should try it.

4. Use Your Bed For Sleeping Only

Reading In Bed

It sounds pretty obvious, but according to a TV Licensing UK report, 79% of us are most likely to watch TV in bed instead of actually going to sleep. ‘Create a clear association between your bed and sleep, for example, it’s okay to read in your bedroom but avoid the bed.’ Dr. Epstein advises. Epstein also urges for you not to watch TV in bed, use your computer, do paperwork or use your phone. ‘These activities stimulate your brain, instead of relaxing you.’

5. Keep Some Ear Plugs Handy

Sleeping with headphones

Hands up if you have to put up with the snoring sibling? Me too. But thank you Lord that there’s a solution for everything. If you’re a light sleeper like me, a simple floorboard creak can wake you up. This is where some ear plugs come in handy, or  if you really want to take it up a notch use SleepPhones, thin speakers inside a soft fleece headband; they’re especially nice for side-sleepers. Just make sure that whatever your listening to is more relaxing than the annoying noises.

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