4 Reasons Why Its Important To Set Boundaries
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Why is it important to set boundaries?

Well, first of all they are there for a reason, so use them…OR someone else will come along and use you.
Typically people believe that setting boundaries makes you mean, selfish or uncaring when in fact it is the total opposite.Boundaries are a way of caring for yourself, and you should not have to justify or explain yourself when setting them. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect. The question is, how much do you care about yourself?Skool Girl’s Agony Aunt and expert Senior Counsellor – Esha speaks…If you don’t someone else will…
If you are not setting your own boundaries, you can put yourself in dangerous situations. I find that a lot of young people feel desperate to be liked, especially if they are already insecure about them self, this can sometimes lead them into the wrong crowd and they end up doing the wrong things because they are going along according to someone else’s boundaries instead of their own. When you are comfortable with who you are and have a sense of direction, people tend to have less influential power over you.

People know where they stand with you…
People are good at sussing out who hasn’t set boundaries. For example if you are in the workplace and you are being bullied, it’s because you have not set a boundary so you will find that people abuse this and will push you as far as they can.

‘When you are comfortable with who you are and have a sense of direction, people tend to have less influential power over you.’
People are more likely to trust you…
If people know where they stand with you they are more likely to deem you as trustworthy. When setting boundaries it’s important that you are not double-minded with them, you need to be firm. People will automatically know they cannot take advantage of you. Also with this comes your integrity, having your own boundaries means that you will be honest with people and not agree with them for the sake of it. This means people are more likely to trust your judgement. With wavering boundaries comes uncertainty, you tend not trust these people or feel safe around them.

It keeps you safe…
Boundaries are there to protect you as well as others, especially concerning your emotional well being because they remind you are you are going to do and what you won’t do. For example, if you are religious, because of your beliefs you are not going to commit certain acts or go to certain places because morally you don’t believe it’s right – e.g. sex before marriage.

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