4 Beauty Blunders You Probably Didn’t Know Caused A ‘War Zone’ For Your Skin
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Alice In Wonderland

Sometimes the most obvious things in life are unobvious. Don’t you just hate when your skin breaks out in the most disastrous spot war and you’re like…’where the heck did this come from?’. Well little did you know, there are some habitual beauty blunders you may want to take a closer look at when it comes to keeping your skin acne free…


#1 – Hand In The Chin

Hand In The Chin

We know…it’s a common habit, I mean come on even Alice in Wonderland did it; truth is you’re probably doing it right now while reading this article! Spending hours at time at your computer, reading, writing etc is the perfect excuse for us to resort to the face-palm right? But what if you knew that resting your chin in your palm or fist spreads bacteria on your face and can cause major breakouts of spots…not so tempted now are we?

#2 – Your Phone


Yeah we know…’I can’t live without it’ blah blah blah! We’re pretty sure your face could though, especially when it’s suggested that alarmingly your smartphone is more grimy than a toilet – I mean seriously that’s disgusting right? Just like us, our phone also needs a daily wash. The solution is a simple swipe with an antiseptic wipe. Is that all? Yes, but you’d seriously be surprised at what this lovely little solution can solve. Think about how much abuse your phone can through in one day…dropping on the floor, being passed around the greasy hands of all your pals – need we go on any further? If I were you, I would wipe it, like now!

#3 – Crossed Legs

Girl sitting down

What? I know that was our first reaction too, I mean we’ve only ever been told it’s the most lady-like way of sitting. However sitting like that all day is said to cause spider veins, which you really don’t need at this age! Don’t worry you can still look just as graceful sitting with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

#4 – Hogging The Heat

Heat Hogger

In the height of winter we’re pretty sure everyone can admit to being a heat hogger…you know the kind that sits / stands directly under , in front of or next to any kind of heating-vent- system-thing. Oh but it feels so goooood. We know. But it’s wreaking havoc on your skin by causing it to dry out, and believe me during this weather dryer skin is the last thing anyone needs.


(Cover photo & image 2 via weheartit.com / images 1,3,4 via flickr.com)

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