32 Questions: Kimberly Anne
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Skool Girls Jade Richards sat down with South London singer and songwriter Kimberley Anne to find out some of the most random facts you probably never knew before…Like her addiction to Hula Hoops!

1. What animal do you most identify with?
Koala Bear, I get told I give Koala Bear hugs.

2. Do you collect anything?
I have just started to collect vinyls.

3. When is your Birthday?
March 28th.

4. Favourite Disney character ?
The genie from Aladdin.

5. If you could spend 6 months anywhere, where would it be?

6. Guilty pleasure?
I’m addicted to Hula Hoops, the original flavour.

7. What song do you wish you had written?
Waiting For My Real Life to Begin by Colin Hay

8. Last book you read?
The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

9. Favourite subject in school?

 10. And your worst?

11. Your dream collaboration?
Imogen Heap

12. What annoys you the most?
Dry carrot cake!

13. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?
Hopefully working in the arts with young people.

14. Favourite place to shop?
Charity shops.

15. Best album ever made?
Spice World.

16. Your current favourite music artist?
Everything Everything

17. Do you have a nickname?

18. What is one skill you wish you had?
I wish I could speak other languages.

19. Favourite app?

20. What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?
When I got my first spot I was fascinated with it and I said “I hope I get loads more of these!”and then I got acne. So my advice to my 13 year old self would be: stop wishing for more spots.

21. Favourite film?
Mrs Doubtfire

22. Favourite colour?

23. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

24. When writing lyrics, pen and paper or on your phone?
Pen and paper.

25. Studio or Stage?

26. Sweets or Chocolate?

27. Cinema or Netflix?

28. The last song you heard?
African Man by 4X4

29. Favourite season?

30. If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be?
A Buddhist monk.

31. If you were to be on the game show Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be?

32. If you had the chance to go forward or backwards 5 years which way would you go and why?
Forwards, I don’t think you should cling on to trying to change the past.

Be sure to check out Kimberly Anne’s latest single Bury it There
Now on iTunes: [HERE]

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