3 Cleansing Techniques That Will Save Your Face From The Next Acne Alluvion!
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Chinese Girl Looking for a cleansing routine that will keep your skin looking clear and acne free? Take a look at these simple techniques that are sure to leave your face looking beautylicious this spring!


1. Cleanse Like The French

Muslin cloth

I’m sure the French won’t mind if we borrow their face cleansing technique to share with our lovely Skool readers. So what’s their beauty secret? A simple Muslin cloth (also known as a face cloth). Here’s how you do it: Massage your cleanser over your face, then wet the face cloth with warm water, squeeze out any excess water, next using firm pressure wipe off the cleanser and finally rinse! Easy peasy right? But it works! This method will remove dirt form your skin more effectively than your hands that’s for sure; removing dead skin cells and acting as a gentle exfoliator for clearer, brighter skin!

2. Meet Your New Bestie, ‘The Cleansing Sponge’

The Japanese Konjac Sponge

Like a muslin cloth, a cleansing sponge works wonders for your skin removing dead skin cells, bug-a-boo blackheads, dirt and excess oils. Now like Marks and Sparcs I’m not going to recommend for you to buy just any ordinary sponge. Skool Girls let me introduce you to your new bestie, ‘The Japenese Konjac Sponge’ – the 100% natural facial and body cleansing sponge made out of vegetable fibers of Konjac root. Loved by many, the Konjac has a plethora of incredible benefits including throrougly cleansing your pores, hydrating skin and balancing pH as well as being suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The results are certainly guaranteed to keep your face looking beautylicious this season!

3. Use Oil As A Face Wash 

Oil as a face wash

I don’t about you girls, but even I questioned this one at first. As I naturally have oily skin anyway, my aim is to get rid of the oil never mind add more! But who knew cleansing oil was one of the best super solutions for squeaky clean skin? Out of my ignorance I discovered that oil based cleansers and sunscreens dissolve excess oils on the skin as well as get rid of excess sebum (sebaceous glands) and balance your complexion. Natural beauty oils that I personally recommend are coconut, mustard and moringa oils. Results = Magic.

(Cover photo via weheartit / image 3 via tumblr)

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