112, Dru Hill, Sisqo or Ginuwine?
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From Thursday 5 – Wednesday 11 October, R&B legends 112, Dru Hill, Sisqo and Ginuwine are celebrating 20 years in music with six shows across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol.

For the FIRST TIME EVER the chart topping singers will be hitting the UK stage, gracing us with old school classics and reminding us of a time when music was GUURD!

I took it upon myself to ask a few of my Skool Girl homies who their all time favourite is and the best song they made. Here’s what they said…


Glory, 22 from London, UK
Favourite artist:Sisqo
Best songs: ‘Unleash the Dragon’ (THE WHOLE ALBUM!), ‘Love Is Enough’, ‘So Sexual’ and ‘Addicted’.
Why?“Sisqo’s music reminds me of back in the day when me, my sister and my brother listened to beautiful R&B together. Even though we didn’t completely understand what the songs were talking about, we still appreciated the beats, lyrics and how the songs made us want to close our eyes and become the artist by singing and dancing along.”


Chikumo, 23 from Belfast, Northern Ireland
Favourite artist:
Best song: ‘Thong song’
‘I was still in Zambia and its one of the last memories I have of dancing around like crazy people with my cousins as a kid before I moved to the UK.’


Olivia, 23 from Birmingham,UK
Favourite artist:
Best songs: ‘Peaches and Cream’
“This song reminds of being in the passenger seat of my Mum’s car as she’s driving with the windows down in Summer. When you have good weather, the good R&B has to follow with it!”


Alex, 23 from Wolverhampton
Favourite artist:
Best song: ‘Incomplete’
“This song reminds me of the early 2000′s watching MTV before school, me and my Sister Rose would be singing it in two part harmonies at the top of our voices with our remote control microphones in hand.”


Tanaka, 19 from London
Favourite artist: 
Best song: ‘Unleash the Dragon’
Why? - 
‘My brother’s impersonations of singing this song brings back so many memories.’


Ayo, 22 from London
Favourite artist: 
Best songs: ‘Thong song’
“I used to watch the video and sing this song over and over again with my sister. I can still picture the ridiculous outfit he wore while dancing on the roof in the video, but obviously we all thought he looked cool at the time haha!”

What do I think?

HANDS DOWN, it has to be Ginuwine alllllll the way, nevertheless I appreciate all of them for what they brought to R&B music.
Best songs: ‘I’m in love’, ‘Love you more’ and ‘Differences’
Why? -
 ”Ginuwine made those type of R&B love songs that we’re soo good it should have been illegal. You know dem ones where you have to PULLLLL UP and sit down because you just can’t take it. Also these songs got me through some very dry I-T lessons.”

Don’t know about you, but I’m excited to welcome 20 years of legendary hits from the three kings of R&B and Hip Hop Soul this October!

Tickets for this EXCLUSIVE show start from £32.50 and are available to purchase at www.ticketmaster.co.ukand www.axs.com

NOTE: Tickets for Friday 6 October @ London Indigo O2 are SOLD OUT!

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