10 Super Cool Tech Gadgets For Your Christmas Wish List!
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Disclaimer: Your Christmas wish list is about to get a serious upgrade!


Steepletone Heartbeat 1960’s Retro Style Radio
Vintage Radio FR
This funky vintage radio will add the super cool vibe to your home while you listen to those Winter Hits this Christmas!

£34.95 from prezzybox.com 

The Spray Paint Projection Clock
Spray Paint Clock FR
 It’s about shaking up the daily routine! Your spray-paint clock will display the time wherever you point it – making sure you’re never late (or at least no more than fashionably late).

£14.95 from prezzybox.com

Say Cheese Instant Slicer
Cheese FR

Get classic creativity and cool cooking in the kitchen! This unique piece of equipment is an awesome addition to your cutlery drawer!

£9.95 from prezzybox.com

Zip Earphones
Zip Headphones FR

Nobody likes the mental challenge that is untangling headphones, so put a stop to those annoying knots with these Zip Earphones.

£9.99 from thehut.com

Bluetooth Splash Speaker
Splash The Speaker FR
Music was made to go everywhere that’s why this amazing speaker can be used while you sing in the shower, sit on the beach, or anywhere else where it might get splashed by water.

£29.95 from Gizoo.co.uk

Touch Mini Boombox Speaker
Mini Boombox Speaker FR
This wireless portable speaker will boost the volume of your favourite tracks. Simply plug the speaker into any Smartphone and your music will be played with perfect clarity.

£21.95 from geniegadgets.com

The Selfie Click Stick
Selfie Click Stick FR

Take the strain out of taking Selfies! This innovative Click Stick will drastically change the way you take family photos and capture videos this Christmas!

£14.25 from gadgetgrotto.com

The Moonlight Cushion
Moonlight Cushion FR
 This light-up, colour-changing cushion has to be the coolest thing ever! Perfect to brighten your bedroom in the winter evening.

£29.99 from sciencemuseumshop.co.uk

The Hoodie Pillow
Hoodie Pillow FR
That’s right, it’s a pillow with a hoodie attached and it even has a pocket for your smartphone, so you can tune into your favourite station or listen to your playlists.

£29.95 from geniegadgets.com

The Selfie Remote
Selfie Remote FR
The perfect selfie solution is here and yes, admittedly I have one! This remote does exactly what you think it would – all you need to do is press and pose!

£14.99 from firebox.com

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